I Live For Satisfied Customers

A lovely lady named Candace saw a post about Perfect Pocket on Larry’s blog  Amazing Vanstones.com and became an early purchasor.

Here’s Candace’s comments:

  1. I LOVE that saying from Pablo Picassso! … and I have a story about him. Many years ago, when growing up in Puerto Rico, we lived near him. I don’t remember the whole story, so will have to talk to Mom about it, but the saying is so right-on.

    Similar to “What you think about, you BRING about” from I don’t know who – but it’s good :) and “Thoughts BECOME things, so choose the good ones” (c) http://www.TUT.com …. I could go on and on, but that wisdom is out there for everyone to capture in their own way … and that’s exciting !

    That gorgeous spring green and purple Perfect Pocket is MINE! I’m sooo happy with it, Marilyn selected a material that is sooo ME :)

    My Samsung Note II fits in the PP still in the small case the phone stays in AND I keep my important debit cards in the case. Receipts and business cards fit in the inside pouches and a spare key in the zipper pouch, so I am good to go at all times.

    The strap is long enough that I can put it over my shoulder when walking or bicycle riding, and when I need to carry a bigger tote, the Perfect Pocket goes right in without taking up too much room.

    GREAT JOB Marilyn :) …. It’s PERFECT !

    Thanks Candace