Baby Lock Serenade

I must have been an especially good girl this past year because for my birthday I got a new Baby Lock Serenade sewing machine. The Serenade comes with almost all the bells and whistles so I can professionally almost anything including draperies, Perfect Pockets, garments, costumes, blinds and valances. What did I miss?


Of course with a fancy new toy I need a new project so for my first I chose this table runner.


I have some new ideas for my Perfect Pockets and our daughter is looking for a blind. I plan to keep my new machine busy.

Any ideas?

 Want to make your own table runner?  The pattern is at the website So Sew Easy 




Studio M


For years and years I’ve dreamt of having a craft room of my own set up so I could easily paint or sew. I envisioned having the whole room organized.



I started with a new paint job, then added a bright LED light. Then I made some matching covers for my machines and tables.



A clipboard for projects, a blackboard for reminders and a wireless speaker for some tunes.

I love it.

Morningstar Mill

Historic Morning Star Mill

Historic Morning Star Mill

We often hike in this area, it’s just a few minutes drive from home, on the edge of the escarpment with many hiking and biking trails. It’s still a working mill, and they often offer demonstrations of how the mill worked back in the mid 1800’s.
Both Larry and I are fascinated with the the area, the waterfall, the rocks and the architecture so I guess it’s only natural that I wanted to paint it . Conicidentally, this is the last painting I did in oil. I’m not saying last oil painting ever, but I did want to try my hand at painting acrylic.




Last winter Larry and I often went to St Catharine’s Jaycee pool to get a little exercise and change things up from our many hikes. In this building there is a long South facing row of  windows on a  hallway to reach the pool and in this area a number of employees have taken to tending to beautiful flowering plants. It is there that we discovered this beautiful flower.
This was my first attempt at painting with acrylic paints instead of my old favorite oil. I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle, the paints just didn’t flow like the oils did. In my more recent works I’ve used nothing but acrylic paints and I think I’m getting in to the medium. I especially like the ease of clean up using only water, compared to the stinky varsol I used before.
Chances are there will be another oil in my future but I’m starting to see the advantages of acrylic.

Ball’s Falls Welcomes Perfect Pockets

I’m designing and creating every Perfect Pocket that I can these days; the Grimsby Festival of Arts is less than a month away (it’s September 6 and 7) and as well as my oil paintings, prints and tiles I want to take as many Perfect Pockets as I can with me for that 2 day weekend event.

But every good girl needs a day off once in a while so Larry and I recently packed up a few of my finished Pockets, and headed off for a hike at Niagara’s well know Ball’s Falls, home of one of the first woolen mills in southern Ontario. We had a great hike both up to the upper falls and down to the lower falls while my pockets got to show off a bit on  the gorgeous sunny day.

Why not visit my Etsy store to see more of my creations. You will find them at

Here’s what’s coming up for Perfect Pockets

I’ve almost caught up with costumes for the year-end shows at  Artist’s Play Dance School and my understanding accounting clients are up-to-date as well. Now I move on to 2 sets of draperies for RV’s and my true loves, my perfect pockets and maybe even some time to get out the easel and some brushes and move some paint around.

Here’s the fabrics soon to be Perfect Pockets. I’m working on these now.

You can shop them all at my Etsy Store

A Perfect Pocket For Summer

I’ve added an adjustable strap to this one thinking it should work better for all our different sizes. This one too is available on Etsey

I Live For Satisfied Customers

A lovely lady named Candace saw a post about Perfect Pocket on Larry’s blog  Amazing and became an early purchasor.

Here’s Candace’s comments:

  1. I LOVE that saying from Pablo Picassso! … and I have a story about him. Many years ago, when growing up in Puerto Rico, we lived near him. I don’t remember the whole story, so will have to talk to Mom about it, but the saying is so right-on.

    Similar to “What you think about, you BRING about” from I don’t know who – but it’s good :) and “Thoughts BECOME things, so choose the good ones” (c) …. I could go on and on, but that wisdom is out there for everyone to capture in their own way … and that’s exciting !

    That gorgeous spring green and purple Perfect Pocket is MINE! I’m sooo happy with it, Marilyn selected a material that is sooo ME :)

    My Samsung Note II fits in the PP still in the small case the phone stays in AND I keep my important debit cards in the case. Receipts and business cards fit in the inside pouches and a spare key in the zipper pouch, so I am good to go at all times.

    The strap is long enough that I can put it over my shoulder when walking or bicycle riding, and when I need to carry a bigger tote, the Perfect Pocket goes right in without taking up too much room.

    GREAT JOB Marilyn :) …. It’s PERFECT !

    Thanks Candace